What is the Tax Penalty for Withdrawing 403b Early?

Individual retirement plans like 403b undoubtedly are the best way to secure your future. Though their contributions need consistency, it is only for the best. However, life is unpredictable and you might find yourself in circumstances where tapping into your 403b saving accounts might only appear to be the way out. To make sure, that you make this move only after thinking twice and only in unavoidable circumstances, there is a 10% tax levied on it. But the good news is that, if you are caught up, there are a few hardships exceptions that you must take into consideration.

What is the penalty for taking money out of 403 b?

All the retirement plans have a fixed age from which you can make a withdrawal. For most of the plans, it is fixed at 59.5 Years. If you request a withdrawal before this, you might have to bear additional taxes on the amount that your saving.

However, if you are 55.5 years and plan to make an early withdrawal, you can also use options like early reimbursable that lets you do the same but without any taxes to be paid. So don’t forget to check this carefully before requesting a withdrawal.

What are 403b early withdrawal penalty exceptions?

There are a few conditions under which you can tap to your 403b saving, that too, without worrying about additional taxes. These are:

Family Conditions

If you are going through any family problems like a divorce and you need to give a sum to your spouse or a dependent child, you can use your savings in the 403b savings. However, don’t forget to check with your lawyer and your plan provider as to whether it is subject to a tax or not may depend on their policies.


If you have a qualified education expense like higher degree, books and related expenses, you can use your 403b plan for the same. But do be careful as you may have to pay up to10% on this amount.


If you have been saving for your retirement but unfortunately aren’t able to live up to the age of its reimburse. Your family can choose for the early withdrawal and it will be given to them without any additional taxes being levied on them.


If you suffer from any form of permanent disability, you can choose a premature reimbursement which will be given to you without any taxes.


If you plan to buy your primary house, you can tap make the use of your 403 b savings, But the definition of ‘primary hose’ may vary depending on your employer and plan. There might also be a tax levied on the amount so make sure you check for these carefully.

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